Our Dental Clinic in Rosemont

The members of our highly qualified team consist of passionate, competent individuals trained to use the most recent dental care technology available. Each of them is proud to belong to a devoted team that continually strives to achieve excellence and client satisfaction. Because we care deeply about your dental health, our mission is to provide you with personalized, superior-quality dental care in a warm, friendly environment. Our staff will ensure that your experience is second to none.

Our Dentists

Our Dental Assistants

Joanie Dumulon

Brigitte Lamarche

Stéphanie Filteau

Hélène Labrie

Sylvie Registre

Our Dental Hygienists

Sarah Plamondon

Denise Rouleau

Stéphanie Farrell

Our Dental Secretaries

Josée Lévis

Isabelle Brunet

Patricia Martin