High-end dental restorations using CEREC technology

Clinique dentaire DRS DENTS uses CEREC technology to perform dental restorations. Unlike indirect restorations performed by outside labs, CEREC technology makes it possible to design and apply inlays, crowns or implant crowns in just one appointment.

A few explanations about CEREC technology

CEREC is a computer-aided ceramic restoration technique. The tooth in need of repair is scanned to create a virtual design of the required restoration. These data are instantly transmitted to a drilling unit that fabricates the personalized restoration design. In a few minutes, a restoration custom-made for the patient’s mouth is ready. All that remains to be done is to adjust, shine and polish the tooth before fastening it permanently in place. The entire treatment takes about two hours and you can resume your usual activities on the same day.

How is CEREC technology different from conventional techniques?

  • Treatment completed in a single appointment (local anesthesia only once)
  • Increased level of precision during design of the restoration
  • Extended life of the restoration
  • Optimized appearance

CEREC technology has made patients and professionals happy for a little over two decades. We now know that it is realistic to perform a complete restoration in just one appointment, in maximum comfort.

For more details about CEREC technology, please ask our staff. They will be delighted to answer all of your questions and advise you on the treatment best suited to your situation.

CEREC is an acronym for Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic. It originally stood for CEramic REConstruction. CEREC is a CAD (computer-aided design) system combining CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) digital machine tools that make it possible to perform dental restorations in-house in a single session.

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